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The Arhtvaini is an online store, specializing in chic and colourful functional art and decor pieces, handmade with resin. I believe the things we surround ourselves with, use every day, and let into our homes should bring us joy, peace and inspiration. This is why with customizable products and wide range of colours and palettes, I aim to create a shared creative process with the clients, where you can get involved and be sure that from my serving boards and coasters, to my phone cases and bookmarks, you will find a unique piece of art you can use on your day to day life, or make the most meaningful gift to your loved ones.

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My name is Nicole, the artist behind the creations, and the founder of The Arhtvaini.

I'm from Argentina, but four years ago my family (my partner, my cat daughter) and I found our new home in the beautiful New Zealand. It’s been such an adventure from then on, and this project has definitely been part of it. 

I have always been connected to art. My mom and grandma paint and craft so as a child art supplies were available for me to play with. Eventually found myself creating more and more as a hobby during my high school too. Fun fact: I used to draw black and white portraits, was so afraid of using colors, which seems so silly seeing what I create now.

After graduating as a Social Communicator, I was sure communication was something crucial in my life, but also that my way to communicate was through art, and not only words. Motivated also with a huge passion about decor, during the last years I tried a lot of mediums, choosing finally Epoxy Resin as my best partner to create what I was looking for: modern art with a purpose and functionality, decor pieces that come alive by being used on the day to day life.

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